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Phone: (409)762-5566

We Are: The Broadway Church of Christ which comprises people who meet regularly to share in worship, study, prayer, and friendship? In Jesus Christ, we have found new directions for our lives, and we are now seeking to follow the Lord’s instructions so we can learn to be people who care for others.

Allen and Larry at Broadway church of Christ

Broadway church of Christ GalvestonAbout us:

We have resumed meeting at the church site, using the preventative protocols and latest health guidelines regarding covid protection. We have adopted the latest health guidelines and protocols where those who are fully vaccinated are encouraged to attend our meetings either masked or unmasked.

May God continue to guide and protect us as we gather to worship.

Recent Sermons

Bill Nunnley                                   Bible Lesson                            5/1/2022

Allen Isbell                                    Sermon                                     3/26/2022

Allen Isbell                                    Sermon                                     3/19/2022

Allen Isbell                                 Sermon                                         3/6/2022

Allen Isbell                                 Sermon                                        2/27/2022

Allen Isbell                  The Salvation of our Souls                        2/20/2022

Allen Isbell       The Testing of Joseph                                     2/13/2022

Allen Isbell            The Trials of  Joseph                                         2/6/2022

Allen Isbell                               Sermon                                          1/23/2022

Click Here to Listen to Sermons from Allen Isbell, Joe Barnett, Larry Smith and our Guest Speakers

Aleen & Mikey
Our preacher, Allen Isbell, and his wife, Mikey
Joe Knox
Joe Knox, Secretary-Treasurer

Our Minister, Larry Smith, and his wife, Patricia