Weekly Bulletin



          Bible Classes…………………………………………….10:00 a.m.

          Worship……………………………………………………11:00 a.m.

Wednesday:  Class……………………………………………..7:00 p.m.

Wednesday Class – An unattended nursery – 2nd door West Hall of building

Hearing Assistance Devices

Hearing Assistance Devices are available upon request. Ask a member and you will be taken care of.

Attendance and Contributions

DATE                  REGULAR            MISSIONS     ATTENDANCE

July 9                 $3,156                                                     87

July 2                 $2,639                                                     92

June 25              $2,773                     $125                        80

What You Have is Enough by Joe Barnett

How many loaves do you have?  Mark 6:38

The crowd was large.  The hour was late.
So Jesus’ disciples urged him to call it a day and send the hungry horde home for dinner.
“You give them something to eat,” Jesus said.
He had to be kidding, right?
“How many loaves do you have?” he asked.
“Five,” they said, “and two fish.”
You know how that played out.
What they had wasn’t much, but it was something, and with him something is enough.  The Lord always starts with what we have.  He demands nothing more; we should offer nothing less.  He can do big things with our little bit.
“Not that we are in any way confident of our own resources – our ability comes from God” (2nd Corinthians 3:5).
What we have to offer is totally inadequate.
Joe Barnett’s website:  www.pathwayco.com



1628 Broadway
P.O. Box 3835
Galveston, TX 77552
(409) 762-5566


July 16, 2017


Allen C. Isbell
Larry Smith


Come Before Winter (Mariana Long)
Mike & Hope Zuniga (Laredo, TX)


We welcome you to Broadway and Galveston Island. Please complete a visitor’s card and put it in the collection plate.

Today’s Sermon:  Allen’s sermon today is “On Keeping Bad Company for a Good Purpose”.  Text:  Luke 5:27-32

The Adult Class:  Allen will continue the series on Moses.  This is lesson seventeen.
Tuesday Ladies Class:  The class meets at 10:00 on Tuesday mornings.

Wednesday Evening Class!

This Wednesday will be the sixth lesson in a study of the Hebraic names of God, their origins, meanings, and applications.

Keep in Prayers!

Alice was admitted to UTMB last Sunday.  She has been discharged and is recovering at home.  Sheila reports that her mother is doing well.  Cards and calls are welcome.

Help Needed!

For 20 minutes after service today, we will conduct a brief class on the operation of the church recording process.  If interested, please see Larry after services.


It is good to have Margaret back in services.
Former member, Adam Sierra, is back with us for 2 months while taking courses at UTMB.

Wedding Announcement!

Justin Freed, son of Jason and Natalie, is engaged to be married on August 12.  His bride to be is Casey Neill.  The wedding will take place at Harding University Chapel.

Our Circuit Rider!

Allen preached at the Longmire Church of Christ in Conroe this past Wednesday night.  He and Mikey saw former members, Dee and Ruby Meador.  Both are very involved with the work there.  Larry and Lisa Williams, frequent visitors to Broadway, were also present.

Visitors for July 9!

Wayland & Rhonda Melton: Magnolia, TX
Kathryn Ernst:  Forsyth, IL(Mother of Jill Bova)
Donald Neely:  Galveston, TX
Barbara Martin:  Austin, TX
Chris & Amanda Ziegler:  Oklahoma City, OK“Thank you for your lovely greetings to our family.”
Aaron Graham:  Pasadena, TX
Chris & Celeste Barrow & Jill Coffman:
Magnolia, TX

Enjoy Summer!  It’s Half Over!