About Broadway

Broadway church of Christ GalvestonTemporarily, we are not meeting at the church site.

To keep up to date on the activities of our members, please go to our new page titled “Notes from Allen!”

About Broadway church of Christ

Broadway church of Christ is located at 1628 Broadway,                                     Galveston, TX 77550.                      Phone: (409) 762-5566.
Service times: Sunday —                Bible classes: 10:00 am.
Worship: 11:00 am; and Wed. Bible Class: 7:00 pm.
Messages:  May God continues to bless you until we meet again!

Christain Hope  1                                                    Larry Smith                                                  8/10/2020

Be Anxious for Nothing #1                                Larry Smith                                                 8/3/2020

Be anxious for Nothing                                   Larry  Smith                                                     8/2/2020

Faith and the Carona Virus                         Larry Smith                                                             7/26/2020

Coping with Anxiety                                        Larry Smith                                                              7/19/2020

Unity of Purpose                                             Larry Smith                                                              7/12/2020

Christian Anxiety and Fear                                         Larry Smith                                              6/28/2020

Having the Heart of Jesus                                          Larry Smith                                              6/21/20120

An unexamined life             Psalm 139                      Larry Smith                                             5/24/2020

What we mean to the Lord                          Allen Isbell

Allen and Larry, Opening Day after rebuilding the Church from Ike's destruction

Allen and MIkey Isbell
Our preacher, Allen Isbell and his wife, Mikey
Larry and Pat Smith
Our Minister, Larry Smith and his wife, Patricia


Allen Isbell and Joe Barnett
Allen Isbell and Joe Barnett
Allen greeting congregants.
Allen greeting congregants.

In 1977, Brother Allen and Sister Mikey Isbell were invited by the congregational leadership to minister to the Broadway church of Christ. They have continued in this work over the years. At the Broadway church of Christ – Evangelism, Edification, Glorification, Teaching, Training, Comforting, and Exhorting are emphasized.

“We invite you to share in our Fellowship and Worship Service at the Broadway church of Christ, where God welcomes you, just as you are, and so do we!”