Weekly Bulletin Jan. 26, 2019

Classes…………………………………………………………..10:00 a.m. Worship…………………………………………………………….11:00 a.m.
Wednesday: Class……………………………………………..7:00 p.m. An unattended nursery – 2nd door West Hall of building
Hearing Assistance Devices
Hearing Assistance Devices are available upon request. Ask a member and you will be taken care of.

DATE         REGULAR          MISSIONS           ATTENDANCE
Jan.19        $3144                      $125                              83
Jan.12       $2445                      $125                               79
Jan. 5        $2403                                                               74

Bitterness by Joe Barnett

Get rid of all bitterness, rage, and anger. Ephesians 4:31

In Great Expectations, Charles Dickens introduces us to a bitter old lady, Miss Havisham. She’s wearing a tattered wedding dress and has wilted flowers in her hair.

On her wedding day, the guests had come, but the bridegroom had not. At twenty minutes until nine, he’d had a letter delivered to her, saying he wasn’t going to marry her. At that very minute and hour, Miss Havisham had all the clocks in the house stopped. And she had remained dressed as she was at twenty minutes until nine the day she was jilted.

For these many years, Miss Havisham had wallowed in bitterness, wrecking relationships with all whose lives she touched.

In the backwash of mistreatment, bitterness is understandable. But resentment is defeated, or it grows. You will conquer it, or it will conquer you.

Bitterness is destroyed, or it destroys.

Joe Barnett’s website: www.pathwayco.com



1628 Broadway
P.O. Box 3835
Galveston, TX 77552
(409) 762-5566

January 26, 2020

Allen C. Isbell
Larry Smith

Come Before Winter (Mariana Long)
Mike & Hope Zuniga (San Angelo, TX)
Church of Christ Disaster Relief
Gospel Chariot Ministries
SIBI Solar Ministry
Sunny Glen Children’s Home
Brazilian Children’s Home
Foster’s Home

Welcome Visitors!
Give our visitors a great big Broadway welcome. We encourage you to fill out a visitor card and put it in the collection plate. We appreciate your visit.

Today’s Sermon: Allen’s sermon: Isaiah 9:6-7
The Adult Class: Bill Nunnally will continue a new series. Title: “Early Church to Early Reformation”
Tuesday Ladies Class: 10:00 a.m.
Wednesday Evening Class: 7:00 p.m.

Keep in Prayers!
Marie Nunnally’s sister in Arkansas recently had surgery. She has a series of treatment ahead of her. Marie and Bill were there for her surgery.

In the light of the latest church shootings around the country, it has been decided that the front doors will be locked 10 minutes after services start. This applies to both Wednesday and Sunday services. Someone will be present at the door to unlock it for latecomers. This is for everyone’s safety and peace of mind.

Young Professionals Group!
The Broadway Young Professionals group is looking to grow. For those interested in Bible studies, hangouts, and growing the church please join the chat group on Band (it’s an app). For any questions, please see Linda Stevens. God Bless and Happy New Year!

Women’s Conference!
The Meadows Church of Christ in Beaumont, TX, will present a Women’s Conference titled “Perceived Time”. It is scheduled for Saturday, February 22nd. See Dana Henderson for further information.

Updated Directory!
We need your help! Please complete your information on one of the several sheets on the tables at the back of the auditorium. This includes all names of members of your household, street and mailing addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses. This information will be compiled into an updated church directory. Both paper and electronic copies will be available. Please complete these sheets ASAP! Thanks
Home Again!
Allen and Mikey are excited to have their daughter, Carla, back in Galveston following her one and a half years in Puerta Rico. She and her fiancée, Paul Schutz, and their two puppies arrived Wednesday evening. Carla has been working with FEMA to help restore Puerto Rico from the hurricane two years ago. Now, many earthquakes are taking their toll on all the restoration work.
Darla Lewis has recently been to Florida for a Mary Kay Conference.

We are so proud of Sierra Adams, who made all A’s in fourth grade at Oppo School. Her name was in the Daily News!

Congratulations to our two thespians – Kylie Garvin and Sierra Adams. Both were in the all-district musical put on by the Galveston Independent School District.

Visitor for January 19, 2020!
 Reginald Cummins: Galveston, TX
 Brian & Shirley McGonagill: Carlsbad, NM (Friends of Allen and Mikey.                                                        Brian preached at the congregation where Allen preached.)
 Clint & Kathy Harper: Seymour, TX
 Danny Davis & Diana Bell: Spring, TX
 Susan Walder: Ovilla, TX
 Austin & Tiffany Smith: San Antonio, TX
 Lynn & Sarah Smith: Sugar Land, TX