Weekly Bulletin July 21, 2019

Classes…………………………………………………………..10:00 a.m. Worship…………………………………………………………….11:00 a.m.

Wednesday: Class……………………………………………..7:00 p.m.                                                                                        An unattended nursery – 2nd door West Hall of building

Hearing Assistance Devices

Hearing Assistance Devices are available upon request. Ask a member, and you will be taken care of.

DATE                  REGULAR            MISSIONS        ATTENDANCE

July 14              $2272                           $125                            67

July 7               $4576                           $125                             81

June 30            $1840                                                                 92


Use Time Wisely by Joe Barnett

 Be careful how you live, not as fools but as those who are wise.  Ephesians 5:15

It wasn’t Ernest Hemingway’s best-crafted sentence, but it makes the point: “Time is the least thing we have.”  Or as Alexander Pope had it: “Swift fly the years.”  You don’t need the reminder-you blink your eyes and a decade has passed.

We lament the loss of years.  There is so much more we want to see, some much more we want to do, so much more we want to learn.

And so many things that suck the air out of the time we have, like sitting in traffic and standing in lines.  And mind-numbing things that have no value; tv comes to mind.

No matter how rich you are, when your time comes, you can’t buy more.  But you can control how you use the time you have left.

 Time is the currency of life.  Spend it wisely.

 Joe Barnett’s website:  www.pathwayco.com



 1628 Broadway

P.O. Box 3835

Galveston, TX 77552

(409) 762-5566



 July 21, 2019



Allen C. Isbell

Larry Smith



Come Before Winter (Mariana Long)

Mike & Hope Zuniga (San Angelo, TX)

Church of Christ Disaster Relief

Gospel Chariot Ministries


Welcome Visitors!

Give our visitors a great big Broadway welcome. Summer is here, so there are more visitors to the Island and to Broadway.  We encourage them to fill out a visitor card and put it in the collection plate. We appreciate your visit.

Today’s Sermon: Allen is preaching today.

The Adult Class:   To be announced! Allen will surprise you.

Tuesday Ladies Class:  10:00 a.m.

Wednesday Evening Class:  Meets at 7:00 p.m.  Tim Lewis will teach from 2nd Peter.


Keep in Prayers!

Margaret Winters: Meridian, rm.220, phone: 409-744-05114

P.J. Reeves had surgery on July 11. She requests prayers for her doctors, health care team, friends, and family.

Wendy Clayton continues to recuperate at home.

Counseling Corner!

Trust in the Lord in all circumstances, remember God wants positive things to happen in your life, because of his love for you.


Elliana Mackenzie Colter was born July 14 at 8 pounds and 20 inches long.  She will be called Ellie.  Her parents are Elaine and Charles Colter.  Proud grandmother is Diane Williams.

Best wishes to all.


Thanks to Tim Lewis for leading the singing last Sunday.

Dakota Adams has gone to attend her second camp for the summer!

Mikey has gone to East Texas to attend the annual “homecoming” at the Colony Cemetery where her parents are buried.

Remembering the 1969 Moon Landing!

The 1969 Moon Landing is a time of nostalgia for those who lived in the Houston/Galveston area.  We all remember where we were when Neil Armstrong said, “A small step for man; a giant leap for mankind.”

Several of our members and close friends were directly involved.  Francis “Poppy” Northcutt, a good friend of Allen’s, was the first woman to work in operations in the Mission Control Center in Houston during the Apollo program.  You may have seen her interviewed on PBS or one of the major networks.

Mike Wortham, although not involved with the Moon Landing, worked with the shuttle program in 1979 and continued with NASA until retirement.  Claire Johnson worked closely for the astronaut Gene Cernan for many years and was acquainted with all the astronauts involved in the Apollo and Gemini programs.  Russ Mertens (Joan’s late husband) played a significant role with the NASA programs. Allen and Mikey Isbell were present at Mission Control during the Apollo Landing.

 Vacation Bible School!

Broadway will have Vacation Bible School on August 5th,  6th, and 7th (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday).

The time is from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. each night.

The theme is “No Greater Love”, the life of Jesus Christ.  Children age PreK through 5th grade are encouraged to attend.  Contact Tim Lewis if you have questions or desire to help in any way.

Visitors for July 7, 2019!

  • Brad Helgerson: Georgetown, TX
  • Kathryn Ernst: Forsefth, IL  (Jill Bova’s mother)
  • Greg & Trinina Lott: Worth, TX
  • Gail Lewis: Sherman, TX  (Tim’s mother)

Vacation Bible School – August 5th,6th & 7th

6 pm to 8:30 pm