Weekly Bulletin May 26, 2019

Classes…………………………………………………………..10:00 a.m. Worship…………………………………………………………….11:00 a.m.  An unattended nursery – 2nd door West Hall of building 

Wednesday: Class……………………………………………..7:00 p.m.                  

Hearing Assistance Devices  Hearing Assistance Devices are available upon request. Ask a member, and assistance will be provided.


DATE                  REGULAR            MISSIONS        ATTENDANCE

May 19             $3014                          $125                             79

May 12             $5041                                                                 82

May 5               $2778                                                                 87

God Made Me Do It by Joe Barnett

God left them and let them go their sinful way.  Rom.1:24

 Flip Wilson’s signature line, “The devil made me do it,” was catchy comedy.

In real life, however, flippantly passing off misbehavior by blaming old Scratch doesn’t move the needle on the laugh meter.  You lied to your spouse?  Or filched a pen from office inventory?  The devil made you do it.

There’s a new game in town: “God made me do it.”  The poster boy for this blame game is a high-profile politician whose counter to critics is, “If you have a problem with my homosexuality, your feud is not with me – your quarrel is with my creator.”  God made me like this.

The men of Sodom paid a hefty price for doing what this guy says God made them do. You can read about it in Gen. 19.

Romans 1:24-27 is still in the Bible.

Don’t blame God for bad behavior.

Joe Barnett’s website:  www.pathwayco.com

 Give our visitors a great big Broadway welcome. Summer is almost here, so there are more visitors to the Island and to Broadway.  We would also like to encourage them to fill out a visitor card and put it in the collection plate. We appreciate your visit.

Today’s Sermon:  Allen’s sermon is from Acts 27.

The Adult Class:  Bill Nunnally will teach today.  His topic is “Jesus Words on Hell”.

Tuesday Ladies Class:  10:00 a.m.

Wednesday Evening Class:  Larry Smith is teaching a study of the “Prayers of the Bible”.

Keep in Prayers!

Margaret Winters has been transferred to the Meridian at 23rd and Seawall.   Her room number is 220, next to the nurses’ station.  Her cell phone number is 409-744-5114. She appreciates your visits and prayers.

 Counseling Corner!

Grief is a Universal Experience

Grief is overcome when faced honestly, with divine help and with the support of others.

It is a pain that God often uses to mature people, to make them better equipped for the master’s use.


Upcoming Event!

Next Friday night, there will be a youth group from the Huntsville Church of Christ using our building.  They plan to depart sometime on Saturday. The Youth Minister, Evan O’Rear, is a friend of former Broadway member Todd Tipton.  Todd leads the Youth for Christ group at Sam Houston State University.

Visitor for May 19, 2019!

David Mason:  Galveston, TX


May We Not Forget….

Veterans Day and Memorial Day are two of our most revered national holidays.  Veterans Day, celebrated on November 11th, honors those who have sacrificed, leaving family and home, to serve in our armed forces.  On Memorial Day, the last Monday of each May, we recognize those who paid the ultimate price for our freedoms and liberties.

Memorial Day has its beginnings following the Civil War.  In various communities across the country, a day would be designated to honor those lost in the conflict.  It later became known as Decoration Day for the tradition that developed of placing flowers on soldiers’ graves.  Then it evolved to be called Memorial Day and included recognition of the dead from all of our nation’s wars.  Not until the early 1970s did Memorial Day become an official national holiday.

Three o’clock local time tomorrow is the National Moment of Remembrance.  Use this opportunity to pause and remember those who died in service to our country.  Remember also the families left behind, our Gold Star Families.  Your three-day weekend was bought at a price.  May God bless them all.

Dean Knox is one of the few surviving World War II veterans.  He was born during Prohibition, raised in the Depression and enlisted for military service at age eighteen.  He experienced Kamikazes at Okinawa and witnessed the Japanese surrender in Tokyo Bay from the yardarm of his ship.  All along his thoughts were with his family and that beautiful homecoming that peace would bring.   Thank you for your service, Dean.  We are so proud to have you as a member of the Broadway family!

 Happy Memorial Day!