Weekly Bulletin Mar. 3, 2019

Bible Classes…………………………………………….10:00 a.m.
Worship……………………………………………………11:00 a.m.
Wednesday: Class……………………………………………..7:00 p.m. An unattended nursery – 2nd door West Hall of building
Hearing Assistance Devices
Hearing Assistance Devices are available upon request. Ask a member and you will be taken care of.

Feb.24    $2640               $125                       80
Feb.17    $1819               $125                       85
Feb.10    $2741                                               84

Recharge Your Imagination by Joe Barnett

God can do much, much more than anything
we can ask or imagine. Ephesians 3:20

What was your favorite childhood toy? Mine was an imaginary (broomstick) horse. James Vaughn, Billy Morningstar, and I rode our mythical mounts many a mile, dishing out serious hurt to black-hatted desperados.
Stay-at-home dad, Johnathan Liu, says the five best toys of all time are a stick, a box, string, a cardboard tube, and dirt-all readily available, fitting every budget, and powered by imagination: no batteries required.
Recharge your imagination. “God is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us” (Ephesians 3:20).
God is able to do “all we ask” of him. He is able to do what we are reluctant to ask, but merely “imagine. He can do “more” than this. He can do “immeasurably more”.
God’s capacity for answering far exceeds our capacity for asking – or even imagining.

Joe Barnett’s website: www.pathwayco.com



1628 Broadway
P.O. Box 3835
Galveston, TX 77552
(409) 762-5566


March 3, 2019

Allen C. Isbell
Larry Smith

Come Before Winter (Mariana Long)
Mike & Hope Zuniga (San Angelo, TX)

Welcome Visitors!

Give our visitors a great big Broadway welcome. We would also like to encourage them to fill out a visitor card and put it in the collection plate. We appreciate your visit.

Today’s Sermon: Our guest speaker today is our friend, Joe Barnett.
The Adult Class: Allen will start a series on the Book of Colossians.                             Thanks to Bill Nunnally for teaching last week.
Tuesday Ladies Class: 10:00 a.m.
Wednesday Evening Class: Chris Garvin will continue his study of the Minor Prophets.

Today’s Guest Speaker!
Dr. Joe Barnett is one of the best-known speakers and authors within the Churches of Christ. Most importantly, he has been a great friend to Broadway, having spoken on many occasions at our services. One of his current activities involves authoring articles for the Christian Appeal magazine. Free copies are on the tables at the back of the auditorium. We welcome Joe back to Broadway today.

We are saddened to report that Jean Nichols passed away on Monday morning. She spent the last week of her life in Hospice Care at the Meridian. Jean passed away comfortably and with family by her side. Jean was an inspiration to us all as she handled her illness and her death. Her courage and faith over the past year has been an encouragement.
Services were held at the First Colony Church of Christ yesterday, Saturday, March 2nd. She will be missed.

Keep in Prayers!
Margaret Winters is scheduled for surgery in May.
Nancy Bailey
B. J. Henderson
Ann Roland
Kaylene Coffey’s father, Jack

Important Announcement!
Last week it was reported in the bulletin that IHOP had generously donated discount coupons to the congregation. We are regrettably retracting this. It turned out to be a fraud, that IHOP had not even been aware of. It was not authorized nor sent out by IHOP. If you were given coupons, please destroy them and do not try to use them. IHOP is investigating this source of fraud and apologizes for any inconvenience.
We encourage you to patronize IHOP; the food is good and prices are reasonable.

Counseling Corner!
Christian counseling seeks to help people find forgiveness from the crippling effects of sin and guilt through personal reflection, repentance, and a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Game Night!
Students and Young Professionals are invited to a game night and devotional, March 9th, 7-9 p.m. Bring snacks, a fun game, and your Bible. RSVP to 325-280-7060 for more details.

Thank You, Duncan!
Our baptistry has required extensive maintenance for some time. This past week Duncan took the initiative and spent a good part of two days cleaning and repairing. It now glistens and is ready for use. Thank you, Duncan.

Visitors on February 24, 2019
 Rick & Maxine Pickel: Spokane Valley, WA
 James & Sandra Wright: Richardson, TX
 Dwayne & Ella George: Richardson, TX
 Mike Hasenmyer: Grandfield, OK
 Tommy & Jacque Johnson: Eastland, TX
 Oscar & Barbara Villanveva: Longview,TX
 Juan & Family: Marshall, TX
 Doug & Donna Mays: Daingerfield, TX
 Lola Hinton: Galveston, TX